Our Talent Management consulting gives you the tools to create a “people positive culture” that attracts creative talent and empowers them to excel. Great employees deserve that – though it’s your business that benefits the most.

Grow a culture

If you run a creative agency, why not run a good one? And by good one, we don’t just mean producing great work, we mean producing great work and having a business that thrives and grows. The kind of agency people are knocking down the doors to work for. That’s what we help you build.

Strategic talent management builds an attractive culture, lessens turnover and creates positive companies that thrive and remain vibrant. Our services include:

  • Human Resources compliance
  • Management
  • Operations
  • Organizational structure
  • Compensation reviews
  • Recruitment branding
  • Organizational growth and development
  • Training
  • Personnel consulting

Success starts with hiring and retaining the right people. Finders keepers we say.

About Mathys+Potestio

Mathys+Potestio provides creative staffing, headhunting and talent management services. We’re recruiters but creatives, too. M+P was founded by two creative industry vets who’ve worked as copywriters, designers, project managers, account managers… we’ve even done paste-up. If that doesn’t say how long we’ve been around, maybe our typewriters will. + more

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