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Best Files Forward
: How To Show Your Work Online

Today we tackle the subject of endless hours of speculation, agonizing and unseen effort: how to present your visual work online. Note: we’re going to ignore the specifics of format (website/portfolio site like dribble or behance/instagram etc.) and focus on the conceptual. First thing’s first, though...a touch of bitching: I’ve ...more +

4 weeks ago

Stop Saying ‘Yes’ to All the Things

I was on a plane recently, flying home from Chicago. It was evening and I was exhausted & ready to relax, so I ordered a cocktail. The copy on the cocktail napkin read, "In a world full of no, we're a plane full of yes". It really struck me, because ...more +

1 month ago

A Tale of Three Squeegies

Long before I was a copywriter, I pumped gas for a living. You’re probably imagining the glamorous aspects of the job—standing in a downpour as someone yells their order through their closed window in order to avoid getting raindrops on their upholstery, or scrubbing a summer’s worth of smashed bugs ...more +

1 month ago

The Work Behind Workplace Equality

According to the Atlassian 2017 State of Diversity Report, 83% of tech employees believe diversity is important. However, only half of those employees believe that improvements in this area need to happen at their companies. We’re all familiar with debates about equality in the workplace, but we’re also familiar with those ...more +

2 months ago

Observations from The Path of Totality

For just about 163 seconds on August 21st, the moon will completely block out the sun, resulting in a total solar eclipse. And people are completely losing their shit. Everybody in North America will be able to see it, but not everybody will get the total experience. For that, one ...more +

2 months ago

Défoncé’s Eric Eslao: Beautiful Branding in a Controversial Landscape

There's no denying it—legal cannabis is becoming a serious force here in the United States. Sure, it's only kosher in four states right now (Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California) but 2016 alone saw $6.5 billion in legal cannabis sales, and those numbers are expected to grow exponentially in the next decade. Legalizing ...more +

3 months ago

Reaching the Pinnacle of Fast, Cheap & Good Website Building. (Well, Almost).

We’ve all seen the chart. There are countless versions, but I know you’ve come across something like it—the three-circled Venn diagram labeled “Fast,” “Cheap,” and “Good.” In the middle, the three circles meet in a mountain of sarcasm: “You’re dreaming,” “Non-existent,” or a simple, “HA.” The reason this diagram resonates ...more +

3 months ago