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Be the Kind of Procrastinator Your Mom Can Be Proud Of

I procrastinated on this. Instead of sitting down and writing it before deadline like a normal human being who values professional relationships, I prioritized stuff like seeing if you can really revert to old and superior Snapchat by changing your password, logging out, and signing in with new password — ...more +

6 days ago

Creative Briefs #2: The Recurring Call

The invite snuck into everyone’s inbox under the guise of Sync with Marketing. In most cases, this was code for a 30 minute meet-and-greet that required no preparation except finding a blank page in one’s notebook. These initial engagements were like a first date, a chance to read the style ...more +

2 weeks ago

What Does Success Look Like For You?

To make the most out of your efforts to grow as a professional, it is important to define what success looks like so you can track your progress along the way. Make sure to take the time to stop and notice when you are successful. Celebrate your wins! Maya Angelou ...more +

1 month ago

Creative Briefs #1: Bleak Outlook

Haley Nason cursed at her monitor. Normally, such an outburst would have gone unnoticed – the whole department was afflicted with some level of Corporate Tourette’s – but when Haley immediately began foraging through her top drawer, colleagues at adjacent desks quietly adjusted their chairs to get a better vantage ...more +

2 months ago

When To Say Yes

A couple weeks ago the insightful and talented Janessa Knodt wrote about the power of saying no (as opposed to yes to everything). As with any power, you have to know when to wield it. Cash-strapped times aside, I have found it helpful to have a rubric to go by ...more +

4 months ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 7: Sounds & Solutions

I’m a writer, illustrator, and kindness snob obsessed with the stories that connect us. In this column, I provide insights to people navigating the intersections of their personal and professional lives. This column usually features a collection of questions. For this installment, I chose to focus on a single question that ...more +

4 months ago

Best Files Forward
: How To Show Your Work Online

Today we tackle the subject of endless hours of speculation, agonizing and unseen effort: how to present your visual work online. Note: we’re going to ignore the specifics of format (website/portfolio site like dribble or behance/instagram etc.) and focus on the conceptual. First thing’s first, though...a touch of bitching: I’ve ...more +

5 months ago