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Make it Ugly

No discussion of “ugly” design would be complete (or even begun) without mentioning Craigslist, the enduring bastion of bare bones, kind of cumbersome and pretty ugly. Regardless, a visit to Craigslist feels like coming home. Even though no one would ever make a website like CL now, if it were ...more +

5 days ago

The Seeker Part Ten: This Must Be the Place

The recruiter at the creative staffing agency had assured Nathan this job was a perfect fit. It was his first time working with the agency, so he refrained from joking, “Another one?!” In Nathan’s experience, the Venn diagram of the supposed candidate/client culture-fit was never remotely close to concentric circles. ...more +

2 weeks ago

What the Hell is Design Thinking?

Around 10 years ago, the phrase “design thinking” started gaining a lot of traction as the secret behind highly successful, design-led companies like Apple. This was good for designers — new positions opened up, design managers were given a seat at the table to discuss business decisions, and we saw an increased ...more +

1 month ago

Our Guide to Design Week Portland 2017

Next week, Portland’s annual design celebration will light up our city, even if the sun won’t. With hundreds of events, lectures, workshops, open houses, and even a puppy-petting party—it’s time to make a plan! Here are our picks for what’s worth circling on your DWP calendar this year. Kicking things ...more +

1 month ago

How to Make More Work

I have been called many things (not all favorable), but fortunately prolific is one of them. People ask me how I make so much work: “What’s the secret?” as if there’s some magical formula. My typical response is that you just stop asking so many damn questions and start making ...more +

2 months ago

RuNT Arrives in Austin with Alcohol Content (Recap)

One of the best things about having parties after SXSW is leftover alcohol. Our gracious hosts, Preacher, brought in the extra bottles of Knob Creek and Tito’s, while Hops & Grain provided the craft beer for our first successful RuNT event in Austin! Not only did we have tasty liquor, ...more +

2 months ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 6: Side Gigs & Sick Days

Modern life feels increasingly like a dream–and not necessarily the kind that’s fun to dissect with friends. Twitter and cable news networks are shouting things at us while we engage in every possible form of self-care to cautiously ignore the noise. We are a generation maturing as technology matures alongside ...more +

2 months ago