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The Seeker Part Two: By Any Other Name

“It was great to meet you, Nate." As the elevator doors closed on Nathan Raines, the tiny room smelling of ancient cigarette smoke and a fading whiff of perfume, the phrase kept repeating in his head like an animated GIF, an echo that never degraded. “It was great to meet ...more +

2 years ago

Don’t Be Icarus: Social Media Automation Best Practices

The transition to Internet marketing has been messy. The web has grown increasingly large and complex, building demand for tools to help marketers deliver the correct experience to the correct user at the correct time. With 70% of B2B marketers creating more content than they were a year ago, the ...more +

2 years ago

Los Angeles Transplants Laud its Access and Livability

Los Angeles has a long tradition of people who come from all parts of the world to try their luck in the wild west. In the early 1900s, filmmakers came here to escape the firm grip that Thomas Edison and the Motion Picture Patent Company had on film production back ...more +

2 years ago

How to Get Over a Job When It Breaks Up With You

Many people say that a job is like a relationship. Those people mostly want to sound insightful over brunch, but there is something to the mentality that we are in a relationship with whoever keeps us employed. The routine of spending at least 40 hours a week honing a particular skill ...more +

2 years ago

Warning Signs that Your Job is Killing Your Advertising Career

I have reviewed thousands of portfolios and interviewed dozens upon dozens of job candidates. That experience taught me one thing about career success: working at the wrong job starves career potential. Many of those not offered positions with our agency had stayed too long in the wrong job. Their work ...more +

2 years ago

Instead of Becoming a Programmer, Learn to Think Like One

Should designers learn to code? It's a very hot topic right now in the web and UX design world, and there are certainly no shortage of strong opinions on the subject. As a designer who can code, and has been doing so for nearly a decade, you’d think I’d say yes. ...more +

2 years ago

Learn to Code Because You Want to Make Something Cool

So you should learn to code, huh? It seems like everybody’s saying so these days, but it looks hard and/or devastatingly terrifying. Besides, you’re an artist (or a writer, or designer, etc.), and your job has nothing to do with code. Why even bother? Because it’ll make you smarter, more ...more +

2 years ago

The Seeker Part One: Life After Send

Until the dream, Nathan Raines had imagined that when he submitted his résumé to an online job post, his encapsulated career would land like a life preserver on some fatigued hiring manager’s desk. Nathan’s precisely selected action-verbs would bloom in the glow of the office fluorescents, an unexpected burst of ...more +

3 years ago

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