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Défoncé’s Eric Eslao: Beautiful Branding in a Controversial Landscape

There's no denying it—legal cannabis is becoming a serious force here in the United States. Sure, it's only kosher in four states right now (Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California) but 2016 alone saw $6.5 billion in legal cannabis sales, and those numbers are expected to grow exponentially in the next decade. Legalizing ...more +

4 months ago

Reaching the Pinnacle of Fast, Cheap & Good Website Building. (Well, Almost).

We’ve all seen the chart. There are countless versions, but I know you’ve come across something like it—the three-circled Venn diagram labeled “Fast,” “Cheap,” and “Good.” In the middle, the three circles meet in a mountain of sarcasm: “You’re dreaming,” “Non-existent,” or a simple, “HA.” The reason this diagram resonates ...more +

4 months ago

Morning & Bedtime Routines of 5 Kickass Illustrators

I love knowing what other creative people do over and over to make their lives run and to keep their work happening. (Especially those who work from home, where sticking to a routine is tough). Maybe it's because I’m a Taurus and I like consistency. Maybe because I’m Eastern European ...more +

5 months ago

Blunt Talk: Los Angeles RuNT Event Recap

Listen up, creatives: There’s a tidal wave on the horizon, and it’s got your name all over it. Preceded by Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, California is the latest state to join the early adopters in completely legal cannabis, with undoubtedly more to come. Which means products, advertising, branding, and marketing ...more +

5 months ago

Intro to Filmmaking Part Three: Lists and Boards

If you’ve followed along with the first two parts of this series, we've been calling emphasis to the story you bring into a production, and to the team you assemble to bring that story to life. Many blogs skip over this next step and jump right into discussing production and post production. We’re ...more +

5 months ago

Make it Ugly

No discussion of “ugly” design would be complete (or even begun) without mentioning Craigslist, the enduring bastion of bare bones, kind of cumbersome and pretty ugly. Regardless, a visit to Craigslist feels like coming home. Even though no one would ever make a website like CL now, if it were ...more +

6 months ago

The Seeker Part Ten: This Must Be the Place

The recruiter at the creative staffing agency had assured Nathan this job was a perfect fit. It was his first time working with the agency, so he refrained from joking, “Another one?!” In Nathan’s experience, the Venn diagram of the supposed candidate/client culture-fit was never remotely close to concentric circles. ...more +

6 months ago

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