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Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 6: Side Gigs & Sick Days

Modern life feels increasingly like a dream–and not necessarily the kind that’s fun to dissect with friends. Twitter and cable news networks are shouting things at us while we engage in every possible form of self-care to cautiously ignore the noise. We are a generation maturing as technology matures alongside ...more +

3 months ago

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

There are two types of people in this world: those who are totally comfortable with basic bodily functions, and those who’d prefer to pretend that they simply don’t exist. I, my friends, stand firmly in the latter camp. In fact, according to all of my ex-boyfriends, my body is basically ...more +

3 months ago

Intro to Filmmaking Part Two: The Minimum

What’s the bare minimum you need to make a film, and why are we asking like this? Filmmaking is hard, and when you’re first starting out, your resources and network are likely limited. We need to be reductive in order to better understand the mandatory minimum requirements. A big film will have big pockets ...more +

3 months ago

The Seeker Part Nine: The Elephant

It seemed to Nathan that every staffing firm made some tacit allusion–or even an overt analogy–to how they served as matchmakers. In some cases, the employment pitch seemed lifted straight from a dating site: Are you tired of searching? Want something more satisfying? Looking for a place where your passion ...more +

4 months ago

The Business and Performance Art of Freelancing

The idea that your work speaks for itself, while a very sweet meritocratic concept, is an imagined one. The fact is, your personal brand carries as much weight as the work you produce. From the way you talk about yourself and your business (reminder: freelance is a business) to how ...more +

5 months ago

How to Make the Most of Your Phone Interview

One evening, I was sitting around with a group of friends chatting about phone vs. text conversations when one of the ladies said, “I’m really good at the phone”. I couldn’t help but laugh. One, because it’s a weird thing to say. Two–it’s always interesting to me how many people ...more +

5 months ago

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