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Building Cinemagraphs, a Navel-Gazer’s Guide

Here I am, writing words about a video/animation post production technique that spread like wildfire across the internet, to a point of familiar ubiquity. We've all experienced this phenomena. A new thing tickles the edges of your social media purview, then once, twice and even three times you hear people you know personally ...more +

8 months ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 5: Buckets & Boundaries

It’s easy to think of empathy as an absolute–something that’s either present or absent in people. I prefer to think of it as a skill each person can choose to consciously develop as they gain new social connections and life experiences. Developing empathy can feel like establishing a solid workout ...more +

9 months ago

The Cost of Being Creative in Portlandia

The creative economy is alive and well in Portland. Image Comics is moving its headquarters here! Artists have been coming to Portland for decades, and businesses offering creative services have thrived. I classify my business in the marketing sphere, but the city's creative energy is a major fuel source for ...more +

9 months ago

The Seeker Part Seven: Identity Crisis

Nathan was told LinkedIn would help him get jobs. That’s why he’d created his account several years ago–by loading his profile with SEO keywords, he’d enjoy a steady feed of job opportunities customized to his career experience. He typed a long list of projects and collateral types, connected to past ...more +

9 months ago

Getting Your Best Rate

You've done the footwork. Your portfolio is online, with shining examples of your best work. You've put out feelers on all kinds of job sites and made your presence known to recruiters. Now you've gotten that first email or call from a potential client and you know that what comes next is a negotiation ...more +

9 months ago

The Definitive Guide to Working with Non-Millennials

Millennials have gained a certain, let’s call it notoriety, in the media the past few years. Coveted and reviled at the same time; publications ranging from prestigious (Forbes and Harvard Business Review) to ridiculous (Wikihow) have published lengthy articles, videos and opinion pieces on how to attract us, manage us, ...more +

10 months ago

Putting the Power in Your Hands: Creative Commons and Creative Professionals

Creativity and gratitude naturally go hand in hand. There are countless examples of artists helping other artists throughout history, from the tangled friendships of the Impressionists to McLaren and Westwood supporting punk fashion (and igniting the movement in the meantime). Artistic communities have the power to change the world, and ...more +

10 months ago

We Made The Inc. 5000! Again!

Titans of industry that we are, everyone at Mathys+Potestio is extremely proud to have made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America for the second year in a row. We came in at #939. That's a few spots lower than last year's ranking of #878, but it's equally ...more +

10 months ago

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