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The Business and Performance Art of Freelancing

The idea that your work speaks for itself, while a very sweet meritocratic concept, is an imagined one. The fact is, your personal brand carries as much weight as the work you produce. From the way you talk about yourself and your business (reminder: freelance is a business) to how ...more +

10 months ago

How to Make the Most of Your Phone Interview

One evening, I was sitting around with a group of friends chatting about phone vs. text conversations when one of the ladies said, “I’m really good at the phone”. I couldn’t help but laugh. One, because it’s a weird thing to say. Two–it’s always interesting to me how many people ...more +

10 months ago

Creating the Room Where It Happens: on Being an Organizational Agent for Change

Employees want to feel like they are making a difference, not just as responsible members of an organization but as conscious citizens. The compartmentalization we typically associate with a healthy work/life balance is going out of style, and this has only been accelerated by our current political climate. Simply existing ...more +

10 months ago

Intro to Filmmaking Part One: Crafting a Story

In the realm of entertainment, I’ve pretty much failed to acquire any real notoriety. Instead, I survived as a freelancer for long enough that it steadily transformed into a modestly-effective post production boutique studio. I’ve done okay! And that’s the voice to read this with, from someone that’s done ...okay. ...more +

11 months ago

The Seeker Part Eight: The Past is Everywhere

What Nathan remembered most about the guy conducting the interview was that he was a dick. He and Charles had worked in different departments at the same company a decade before, the only overlap in the Venn diagram of their jobs being a weekly status meeting. One hour a week ...more +

11 months ago

Companies (and #Brands) Have a Responsibility to Stand Up to Bigotry

It's a common refrain: don't talk about money, religion or politics in mixed company. Ignoring this rule can result in awkward, painful and downright infuriating conversations—not to mention splits between family and friends. These topics have the power to divide and antagonize. And yet, we see an increasing number of businesses ...more +

12 months ago

What Writing Taught Me About Coding (and Vice Versa)

I’ve been writing fiction since roughly the eighth grade—it depends on if you count creating D&D adventures as fiction writing (I do). I’ve also been monkeying around with code in the form of Basic and Logo since the sixth grade. Now I’m 41, and only in the last few years have ...more +

1 year ago

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