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Humans or Bots? Style Versus Substance in Your SEO Copy

Well before the dawn of Internet marketing, David Ogilvy famously said, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar." Humans, it seems, are hardwired to skim. Unfortunately, ...more +

1 year ago

Good Artists Borrow, Great Artists Steal (With Permission)

One cannot help but wonder how the internet outrage machine would treat William Shakespeare, who almost certainly didn’t credit Giraldi for the plot of Othello in 1603 when he adapted his contemporary novel for the stage. With #shakespearestole trending, he would likely be relegated to the outer fringes of #bardsofinstagram, ...more +

1 year ago

A Creative’s Guide to the 2016 Presidential Election

Growing up, I was taught that it was rude to talk about who you were voting for. Right between bringing up religion or asking someone when they were expecting, it was one of the rudest things you could say. Perhaps it's old-fashioned, or stereotypically Midwestern, but the idea was simple; ...more +

1 year ago

RuNT. Humanizing Technology with Mark Wyner (Recap)

The best tools are often whatever’s right in front of you. When Mark Wyner stared down his first design challenge, a cover for his death metal band Cadaverous Quartet’s debut album The Extinction Agenda, that meant sneaking into his friend’s computer shop during off-hours. This may well have been the ...more +

1 year ago

Building Cinemagraphs, a Navel-Gazer’s Guide

Here I am, writing words about a video/animation post production technique that spread like wildfire across the internet, to a point of familiar ubiquity. We've all experienced this phenomena. A new thing tickles the edges of your social media purview, then once, twice and even three times you hear people you know personally ...more +

1 year ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 5: Buckets & Boundaries

It’s easy to think of empathy as an absolute–something that’s either present or absent in people. I prefer to think of it as a skill each person can choose to consciously develop as they gain new social connections and life experiences. Developing empathy can feel like establishing a solid workout ...more +

1 year ago

The Cost of Being Creative in Portlandia

The creative economy is alive and well in Portland. Image Comics is moving its headquarters here! Artists have been coming to Portland for decades, and businesses offering creative services have thrived. I classify my business in the marketing sphere, but the city's creative energy is a major fuel source for ...more +

1 year ago

The Seeker Part Seven: Identity Crisis

Nathan was told LinkedIn would help him get jobs. That’s why he’d created his account several years ago–by loading his profile with SEO keywords, he’d enjoy a steady feed of job opportunities customized to his career experience. He typed a long list of projects and collateral types, connected to past ...more +

1 year ago

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