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Getting Your Best Rate

You've done the footwork. Your portfolio is online, with shining examples of your best work. You've put out feelers on all kinds of job sites and made your presence known to recruiters. Now you've gotten that first email or call from a potential client and you know that what comes next is a negotiation ...more +

1 year ago

The Definitive Guide to Working with Non-Millennials

Millennials have gained a certain, let’s call it notoriety, in the media the past few years. Coveted and reviled at the same time; publications ranging from prestigious (Forbes and Harvard Business Review) to ridiculous (Wikihow) have published lengthy articles, videos and opinion pieces on how to attract us, manage us, ...more +

1 year ago

Putting the Power in Your Hands: Creative Commons and Creative Professionals

Creativity and gratitude naturally go hand in hand. There are countless examples of artists helping other artists throughout history, from the tangled friendships of the Impressionists to McLaren and Westwood supporting punk fashion (and igniting the movement in the meantime). Artistic communities have the power to change the world, and ...more +

1 year ago

We Made The Inc. 5000! Again!

Titans of industry that we are, everyone at Mathys+Potestio is extremely proud to have made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America for the second year in a row. We came in at #939. That's a few spots lower than last year's ranking of #878, but it's equally ...more +

1 year ago

Designing for Victory – Motifs in Presidential Campaigning

Political campaign design has historically been quite boring: red, blue, maybe a flag, and a safe typeface were more or less what we expected from candidates. But in the past decade, that has all changed. New technologies mean that candidates who leverage design skillfully build momentum faster, control their narrative ...more +

1 year ago

Jordan Battles the Omnipresent Rats

When a neighbor's slip in sanity turns Jordan's neighborhood into a bustling rat metropolis, he's forced to confront the beasts head on–along with his feelings on the sanctity of life itself. Years removed from his very first rock show, Jordan's knowledge of rats (informed mostly by urban folklore and minstrel ...more +

1 year ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 4: Norms & Notifications

It’s important that we take care of ourselves and each other. Even though that’s implied by the mission statement I established in the first volume of this column, I wanted to restate it because those words are helpful among the slew of grim headlines. Our feelings as human beings are valid, ...more +

1 year ago

Workplace Body Language: Do’s and Don’ts

To quote one of the most influential characters of my generation, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, “Never underestimate the power of body language.” The simplest gestures like a smile or a nod can have the most profound effect on the emotional reactions of the people around you. “Excellent nonverbal communication skills tell ...more +

1 year ago

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