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The Experience of Voting is Broken, But We Can Fix It

When most people think of poor ballot design, they think of Florida, the 2000 election, and Gore vs. Bush. Unfortunately, the problems and errors that result from poorly designed ballots are a recurring issue. It is estimated that, in the 2008 and 2010 elections, over half a million votes were ...more +

1 year ago

The Seeker Part Six: All the Right Wrong Answers

Nathan didn't want the job. It sounded good when the recruiter described it over the phone–in his pay range, on the train line, neckties optional–but not so good when he looked at the firm’s sprawling, verbose website. Page after page of dueling bullet lists and densely packed blather about helping ...more +

1 year ago

Tu Voto es Cosa Seria

Get out the vote. Rock the vote. These are familiar phrases, but over several decades of use, they’ve lost their impact. And there are varying opinions on how to motivate voters. You could utilize guilt (No vote? No voice!) shame (You can’t complain if you don’t vote!) or populist inspiration ...more +

1 year ago

Getting Creative Work Done on an iPad

We all have smartphones. Some people even have a smartphone and/or a tablet in lieu of a computer. The rest of us still rely on laptop or desktop computers, sometimes multiple, in our daily lives. My office is lined with ugly black desktop PCs sitting underneath thousands of desks, each ...more +

1 year ago

The Fact of This Page is Protected

I have been using this program to develop an important aspect of life: choices. This makes sense if you’re reading my messages but it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t work for everyone. I’d like to explain what happened so far: I used my phone to text someone. My phone has ...more +

1 year ago

For Free or Not For Free? How (Whether?) to Utilize Spec Work

That is the question, my friends. Do you show a little leg by doing speculative work (“spec work” for us cool kids) or demand payment for every hour spent? The topic’s been widely debated recently, with one agency (Toronto’s Zulu Alpha Kilo) even going so far as to make a ...more +

1 year ago

Like Tweets in Rain: The Library of Congress Tries to Archive Twitter

Back in 2010, the US Library of Congress announced their intent to begin archiving Twitter–all of it. Dubbed the Twitter Research Access Project, every public tweet fired off since Twitter’s inception was to be stored for later retrieval in the hallowed library. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the LOC had ...more +

1 year ago

Portland Design in the 1960s: Marilyn Holsinger

Marvelous Marilyn. That's what they called her at Portland’s influential freelancers collective, Studio 1030, where Marilyn Holsinger was the group’s only woman artist in 1960. Marilyn was marvelous by all accounts, but also a serious career woman. She held 11 design positions across 40 years and three states. She worked ...more +

1 year ago

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