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Like Tweets in Rain: The Library of Congress Tries to Archive Twitter

Back in 2010, the US Library of Congress announced their intent to begin archiving Twitter–all of it. Dubbed the Twitter Research Access Project, every public tweet fired off since Twitter’s inception was to be stored for later retrieval in the hallowed library. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the LOC had ...more +

2 years ago

Portland Design in the 1960s: Marilyn Holsinger

Marvelous Marilyn. That's what they called her at Portland’s influential freelancers collective, Studio 1030, where Marilyn Holsinger was the group’s only woman artist in 1960. Marilyn was marvelous by all accounts, but also a serious career woman. She held 11 design positions across 40 years and three states. She worked ...more +

2 years ago

RUNT. The Brewing of a Brand (Recap)

We always bring beer to RUNT. You could call it one of our “core values.” On May 17, at Downstream in NW Portland, we doubled down on suds. Not only did we bring along [a lot] more beers, but the brewers and branders behind them as well: Buoy Beer Company ...more +

2 years ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 3: Perks & Representation

Advice columns go way back, apparently. This 2015 piece from The Atlantic includes some questions submitted to a 1690s British periodical called The Athenian Mercury. Based on the examples below, the inquiries of literate intellectuals at the time ranged from casual planetary colorism to questions that could have been written ...more +

2 years ago

Playing Dress-up: Networking

Networking is a necessary evil. Some people love the thrill of making professional connections and discovering new leads. Others find it tedious to have to be charming and gregarious when you’d rather be sitting alone at the end of a bar during happy hour. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s ...more +

2 years ago

Tracking Social Technology & Voter Engagement

I've noticed that, for the first time in my life, I'm overwhelmed by politics. In high school, it was a topic that sometimes came up among my debate-team friends. In college, and my early years of employment, it was a side conversation. Now I can't go a day without someone ...more +

2 years ago

Our Guide to Design Week Portland 2016

All eyes are on Portland this week as we kick off the biggest design celebration in the PNW! From sophisticated workshops for the creative connoisseur, to chic parties for the emerging designer, Design Week Portland has something to offer for all. DWP crams in a lot—design talks, installations, exclusive parties, vernissages, ...more +

2 years ago

The Seeker Part Five: Making Contact

As they stared into each other’s eyes, the world slipping out of focus, time dissolving, all Nathan could think was, “this interview is getting weird.” It had started out well. As the interviewer explained that the job involved creating concise summaries of penny-stock companies that enabled investors to quickly make ...more +

2 years ago

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