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Curing Tech Malaise with Apps that Embrace True Problem-Solving

Apple and Google and Facebook and Microsoft and Amazon. These are the big five in consumer tech, and the most commonly used apps on your phone are probably made by some or all of them. Nobody is going to knock them out of their ivory towers. If you read any tech ...more +

1 year ago

States are Legalizing Pot, but Managers Have the Same Concerns

We’re experiencing a sea change in marijuana policy at the state level—with Oregon, Alaska, Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational use—but when it comes to corporate drug testing policies, things have mostly stayed the same. “If the company is not concerned with the results of the test, I would not test.” ...more +

1 year ago

Helpful Notes from Nick, Vol. 2: Privacy & Preferences

I am excited to once again address your personal, professional, and professionally personal concerns. This edition features sensory invasions and bureaucratic drama. I know that already seems overwhelming, but fear not! The insight, humor, and empathy you seek are just a few scrolls away (I’ve adapted my advice for mobile ...more +

1 year ago

Montana Sparkman Talks Hand Lettering and Logo Design

Montana Sparkman has always had a passion for beautiful design and the meticulous details that make it work. As a graphic designer in Austin, Montana tackles layouts, banner ads, and production design, but he's especially passionate about logos and type treatment. Textural mishaps are the best way to spark his inspiration. To ...more +

1 year ago

Playing Dress-up: The Job Interview

For such a ubiquitous part of professional life, job interviews are surprisingly difficult to dress for. The traditional conservative suit and tie is gone, outside of stodgier fields like finance and law. Button-downs, jeans, bright colors, chic workman wear—the options can seem limitless at times. Limitless, that is, until you realize that ...more +

1 year ago

The Seeker Part Four: Time Traveler

“So tell me, where do you want to be in five years?” Nathan stared at the interviewer and wondered whether she was a serious. Five years? That’s a measure of time in geology, not corporate life. Nathan thought about presidential elections—if there was no expectation that the leader of the ...more +

1 year ago

Local SEO Tips for Metro Area Businesses

Search engines have grown increasingly sophisticated, refining their signals to reduce noise, fight spam, incorporate user experience, and utilize elements of machine learning. Still, there are instances where a generally useful signal may not play nice with certain queries, and lead to less than perfect results (both for users and ...more +

1 year ago

Internships Lay the Foundation for a Successful Career

As soon as you join the workforce, a reality sets in: smarts and talent play second fiddle to experience, and who you know. At least in the eyes of hiring managers. Remember: their careers are on the line too! A bad hire means lost productivity, disrupting company culture, and less ...more +

1 year ago

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