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RUNT. never underestimate. A professional development series from The Creative Party, RUNT is about positioning creatives for success in their careers by providing tools and knowledge to excel. Often the only thing holding people back is themselves. RUNT seeks to provide you with the confidence necessary to achieve your professional goals.

RUNT is back in 2014 with events to help raise your job search game:

The Great Resume Debate – PhotosFull Video

What makes a great resume? It depends on who you ask, so we asked three seasoned creative recruiters what they thought. David Gurley of Wieden+Kennedy, Andy Shearer of adidas, and Rick Watson of Citizen described what they look for, what they dislike, and what each considers a “great” resume. They also shared their favorite “Hall of Shame” stories. Let’s hope your resume was not one of them.

Big Brands? Big Deal! – PhotosFull Video

You hear it all the time. Portfolios and resumes featuring big brands are better than those without. Big brands are cool, right? They’re global after all. But does it really matter? And if it does, how do those of us without this experience overcome, or get it? We dispeled the myths and exposed who works at these big brands and how they got there….what do they know that you don’t?

Nike Global Creative Director Simone Hodges, AKQA Creative Director Ginny Golden, and Nemo Creative Director/Partner Mark Lewman told all. Find out if big brands really ARE a big deal.

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