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Mathys+Potestio provides creative staffing and placement services. We’re recruiters but creatives, too. M+P was founded by two creative industry vets who’ve worked as copywriters, designers, project managers, account managers…we’ve even done paste-up. If that doesn’t say how long we’ve been around, maybe our typewriters will.

Jackie Mathys

has been running creative staffing agencies in Portland since the late 90’s. Prior to placing creatives, she was one. She was a freelance copywriter for seven years and staff writer for POWDER magazine before that. Originally from sunny Southern California, Jackie has called Portland home since 1990. Her first car was a yellow Fiat 128.

Steve Potestio

grew up in Portland, worked in San Francisco as a graphic designer and writer for many years, and has agency executive management experience in HR and Operations. His staffing experience includes working at FILTER, co-founding 52 Limited and now managing the growth of M+P in Portland, Austin and Los Angeles. His first car was a 1969 Scout. What heater?

Ashley Diehl

has worked in creative recruiting with Steve since 2007. Her love of design, mid-century architecture, and beer make her a great fit for M+P. Hailing from Arapaho, Oklahoma, her first car was a 1986 Pontiac Bonneville with a working heater but no A/C. In Oklahoma. Yuk.

Denise Faddis

has worked in the creative industry in design, photography, visual merchandising, account management and publishes her own arts magazine, TUSK. She’s called Denver, Portland, Austin and Astoria home. It’s no coincidence they all have great breweries and an outdoor lifestyle. Born in Aurora, Colorado, her first car was a Mercury Comet with a working heater. You can follow her @denisefaddis.

Nick Mendez

is a writer and photographer. He was born in New York and split his wonder years between Queens and Seattle. His first car was a black 2000 Hyundai Tiburon with a working heater. He tweets too much @nickmendez.

Flavia Arsenault

realized creatives really do run the world, and joined M+P to see what all the fuss was about. She has a background in academic fundraising and agency management from the client side. Her first car was a 2015 Mini Cooper. That’s right—moving to LA forced her to buy her first car. In her spare time she funded a Kickstarter project. You can follow her at @flaviaarsenault.

Jordan Livingston

was raised in Ogden, Utah, and has a varied professional background, having worked in journalism, ecommerce, sales, recruiting and education. He loves facilitating relationships and becomes quite excited about any conversation that involves baseball or rock-and-roll trivia. His first truck was a 1984 Mazda pickup. He had to pop the clutch to get it started…but the heater worked.

Eric Howes

is a designer and (sort of) developer who likes type, maps, and other forms of data. His favorite color, even though it’s technically not a color, is grey. He moved from Michigan, where people regularly drive through snow. He bought his first grey car for $200, which had a heater that worked for awhile.

Kay Johnson-Suglia

grew up in the Catskill Mountains of New York State, and fulfilled a variety of roles at digital agencies before moving into traditional advertising. Her forte is business development and fostering productive business relationships. Kay is an active yogi, dog kisser, food and wine lover, gym rat, fiction writer and bibliophile. Her first car was a Subaru Outback, with a working heater, which mostly sat in a Brooklyn parking lot.

Blaire Ottoboni

brings a background in digital marketing and a passion for company culture to M+P. When not out exploring the menus at her favorite PDX restaurants, you might find her at yoga or hopping on a plane to somewhere far, far away. She mastered the art of driving a pickup truck out near the garlic fields in Gilroy at the age of 11.

Molly Hitchings

is like everyone else from Austin by being a California native. She has a background in Graphic Communication, and Web and Digital Media. Her loves include typography, craft beer, being outside, and dancing in a studio or her kitchen. She also has a passionate addiction to baked goods. Her first car was an Acura that died more than it ran, forcing her onto a cruiser bike more often than not.

Dave Couzens

grew up in the mean streets of Detroit Rock City’s suburbs. He has a background working in various support and account management roles with staffing and vendor management agencies over the last 10 years. He enjoys viewing sports, taking hikes and indulging in PDX’s food and craft beer scene. His first car was a 1990 Ford Probe with a working heater.


Nicole Holle

is one of four Austin natives left in town, having worked as a producer at an ad agency before landing in creative recruiting. She’s married to a designer, so she’s always surrounded by creatives. You can get her attention quickly by mentioning hiking, traveling abroad, movies, or pouring a drink involving ginger beer. Her first car was a ’95 Izuzu Rodeo, but her most beloved car was a white ’96 Oldsmobile named Betty.

Stephanie Kopp

was born in Tokyo, raised in Honolulu, went to college in San Diego, and lived in Manhattan before finally finding her way to Portland. When not at work crunching numbers, you can find her running marathons, practicing yoga or cuddling with the nearest dog. Her first car was a third-hand canary yellow 1971 BMW 2002 affectionately named Leroy.

Christie Drew

has worked as a freelance production artist for design agencies throughout Portland, lending her a familiarity with the talent she will help place as the newest member of our team. A Chicago native, Christie moved to Portland in 1995 and definitely calls Oregon home. She enjoys hiking Portland trails, hanging out at the coast and swooning over high performance cars. Her first ride, however, was a 1988 Plymouth Sundance with a working heater. Pretty essential.

Zara Friedland

is an east coast transplant with a background in project management. She has a degree in psychology and an ever-growing interest in human interaction. In her free time she can be found attending a local show, sipping whiskey or venturing to a new hiking spot. Her first car was a 1989 Oldsmobile. No A/C, but the heat worked great.

Michelle Holbein

is a Wisconsin native with a human resources background in both manufacturing and higher education. Her loves include hiking and exploring new places, checking out new eateries, and daydreaming about her next travel destination. Her first car was a 1987 Mercury Topaz with a working heater which was essential to surviving many brutal Wisconsin winters.

Nicky Comer

is an air force brat born in the Netherlands and raised in Northern California, who spent a decade in Phoenix before migrating north to Portland. When not geeking out over UX design, she spends her time reading, gardening, sewing, and traveling. Her first car was a red, second-hand 1990 Pontiac LeMans coupe that lacked heat and A/C, but had one mighty speaker.