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Working for M+P? You’re Earning Paid Time Off

Written By Jen Bishop | Feb 24, 2015

If you’re out on assignment with M+P, it’s important to us that you, your job, and your workplace are all a good fit. We hope that while you’re working to live, you’re also loving your work. Still, no matter how much you love your job, you need an occasional break to tackle life’s other responsibilities.

Are your colleagues giving you the stink eye for showing up with a raging case of pink eye? Did your sister send an umpteenth text to ask why you can’t attend her beach wedding in Cabo? Does a sidelong glance at the calendar cause you to lament your office’s Memorial Day closure, and how the lost day’s pay might limit your holiday booze budget?

Well, stop worrying and get ready to use some Paid Time Off. Call it sick, vacation or holiday pay. It’s all the same to us. It’s PTO!

Our PTO Policy was inspired by Portland’s 2014 Protected Sick Time Ordinance, but we took it one step further and chose to offer it to all of our employees, regardless of where they work. Whether you’re working in Portland, Austin, or their ‘burbs, you are–probably at this very minute–accruing PTO.

Surely, you have questions. Duly, I have answers:

How do I get PTO?

  • 30 M+P hours worked = 1 hour PTO

When can I start using PTO?

  • Once you’ve worked 240 hours and have been an M+P employee for 60 calendar days, you can use PTO.
  • Quick tip: once you’ve worked 240 hours, you’ve accrued 8 hours of PTO. Booyah!

How much PTO do I have right now?

  • Log in to ViewMyPaycheck and use the “Save as PDF” button to print your most recent paystub, complete with YTD PTO Used and PTO Hours Available. Or, email me; I know stuff.

What can I use my PTO for?

  • Whatever the heck you want! As long as your manager gives you permission to be absent, we’re unconcerned with whether you’re sick on the couch, road-tripping, or lighting off illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July. You’re a grown-up. Do what you gotta do.

How do I use PTO?

How far in advance should I request PTO?

  • Please notify your onsite manager and M+P of your PTO plans at least 14 days in advance. When that’s not possible–like if you wake up with a superbug–verbally notify your manager before the start of your scheduled shift and send us a PTO Request Form ASAP.

How do I record PTO on my timesheet?

  • Please don’t! Completing your PTO Request Form is the only paperwork-y thing you need to do. Include only time you actually work on your timesheet. Seriously, that’s it.

How much PTO can I use at once?

  • You can use up to 40 hours per calendar year. Use an hour here and an hour there throughout the year, or blow it all at once on a well-deserved week away. Whatever makes you happy and keeps you healthy.

What happens to PTO that I don’t use?

  • Up to 40 hours roll over from one calendar year to the next.
  • If you’re left with unused PTO when your M+P assignment ends, it’ll hang around for up to 6 months, patiently waiting for you to work for us again. When you return, it’s available to use immediately.
  • We don’t pay out unused PTO after your assignment ends, so plan ahead and request time off before your end date.

So, go forth and use your M+P PTO to rest, recharge, or revel. You deserve it!

If you have other questions, someone else probably does, too. Let’s connect in the comments.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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