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Intro to Filmmaking Part One: Crafting a Story

In the realm of entertainment, I’ve pretty much failed to acquire any real notoriety. Instead, I survived as a freelancer for long enough that it steadily transformed into a modestly-effective post production boutique studio. I’ve done okay! And that’s the voice to read this with, from someone that’s done ...okay. ...more +

5 days ago


a nebula

Philosophy and Design at Kluge

Join Kluge as founder and CEO Arturo Perez celebrates his birthday by taking everyone through a metaphysical history of western philosophy and design thinking. They’ll cover the main eras of philosophy and look into the different relationships between self, reality, the known and the unknown. Then you’ll take a look at design history, and explore the role of the designer, to themselves and to the world, in light of philosophy and science.

Where Kluge
4133 Redwood Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066 Map

Cost $10

When Tue Jan, 17
6pm PT

Otherwise you gotta do it.