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The Seeker Part Seven: Identity Crisis

Nathan was told LinkedIn would help him get jobs. That’s why he’d created his account several years ago–by loading his profile with SEO keywords, he’d enjoy a steady feed of job opportunities customized to his career experience. He typed a long list of projects and collateral types, connected to past ...more +

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RuNT. Humanizing Technology with Mark Wyner

Don’t look now, but your life depends on user experience design. Smartphones lead us around by the hand, we strap computers to body parts like it’s going out of style, and autonomous cars are already on the road. Thankfully, Mark Wyner is determined to humanize those experiences. As a user experience designer, Mark has architected software for the US Army, Nike, Intel, Chrysler, and more. He has eloquently addressed the need for interfaces we understand and trust, both in writing and as a speaker at events like Webvisions. Come hear about his efforts to work with the machines, before they take over for good.

Where Wacom Experience Center
1455 NW Irving St
Portland, OR 97209 Map

Cost $15

When Tue Oct, 18
5pm PT

Otherwise you gotta do it.