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What Writing Taught Me About Coding (and Vice Versa)

I’ve been writing fiction since roughly the eighth grade—it depends on if you count creating D&D adventures as fiction writing (I do). I’ve also been monkeying around with code in the form of Basic and Logo since the sixth grade. Now I’m 41, and only in the last few years have ...more +

2 weeks ago



How Far Offshore Are We Now?

This is an all-levels movement/embodiment event. Modes of exploration include: movements that transform through repetition to reveal/conceal compulsion, exhaustion, or narrative; exercises that allow us to toy with subtlety, extreme confidence, and an analysis of gaze/provocation; writing and vocal practices that investigate the crude, the tense, the funny, the surreal. We will swing wildly between pursuits of uproarious group effort and introspective actions of highly calibrated intention. We will cultivate both a rigid, precise keeping of time–a countdown, a ticking clock; and a dreamlike experience of time–slow transitions that secretly and seamlessly propel our work forward–images and actions arising and receding–not unlike the swells of the tide.

Where PNCA
511 NW Broadway
Portland, OR 97209 Map

Cost Free

When Mon Dec, 05
6:30pm PT

Otherwise you gotta do it.