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What Writing Taught Me About Coding (and Vice Versa)

I’ve been writing fiction since roughly the eighth grade—it depends on if you count creating D&D adventures as fiction writing (I do). I’ve also been monkeying around with code in the form of Basic and Logo since the sixth grade. Now I’m 41, and only in the last few years have ...more +

2 weeks ago



Moonlight, and Q&A with Barry Jenkins

With Moonlight, director Barry Jenkins, along with a brilliant ensemble cast and a crackerjack crew, has succeeded—in ways that perhaps no other filmmaker has managed this century—in making an authentically human spirit shine on screen. As an African American boy moves from childhood to adolescence to manhood, we are invited to swim in his discoveries of pain and ecstasy, love and betrayal, fear and hope. This is a film that will linger with you for weeks, one you’ll want to experience again and again for that clear glimpse of cinematic humanity.

Where Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024 Map

Cost $12

When Mon Dec, 12
7:30pm PT

Otherwise you gotta do it.