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The Business and Performance Art of Freelancing

The idea that your work speaks for itself, while a very sweet meritocratic concept, is an imagined one. The fact is, your personal brand carries as much weight as the work you produce. From the way you talk about yourself and your business (reminder: freelance is a business) to how ...more +

2 weeks ago



AIGA OC Field Trip: Payoff

Rethinking the relationship people have with their money, Payoff are a team of financial services professionals, research and clinical psychologists, data scientists, neuroscientists, member advocates and technology experts. This broad range of disciplines is re-defining what we think of when we use the term ‘designers’ in the world of fintech, and has landed press coverage in the likes of Forbes, the Wallstreet Journal, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Where Payoff, Inc.
3200 Park Center Drive, STE 800
Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Map

Cost $20

When Tue Feb, 21
6pm PT

Otherwise you gotta do it.